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Can a 8 year child take Zinzino balance oil

Is Zinzino balance oil suitable for kids? for what age? thanks


  • Yes

    10ml is a 65kg dosage
    1ml is a 6.5kg dosage

    Child's weight x1ml

    Thank you

    Robert Horkings COO APAC
  • Hello,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I actually found some conflicting information under AU product page and US product page respectively. Under AU page, it states not suitable for children under 15 while under US page, it states not for children under 4. Could you please clarify? Thanks
  • Correct

    It has to do with the local country regulations on what can be stated on the label in those respected countries. Remember the real issue is.. there is NO international standards on labelling (Crazy).

    I can only quote the Australia rules that are connect to this approval.
    The Australian Zinzino products are defined as a formulated Supplementary Sports Food as per 2.9.4 of the food standard code. This is not a therapeutic good and therefore requires no TGA registration.

    Please do a google search on "What age are children able to intake Omega Oil"

    Thanks a million!

    Robert Horkings COO APAC
  • Thanks and can I also confirm if the other ingredients in Zinzino oil, such as Sodium and Vitamin D are also at the appropriate dosage for children if we follow the rule of 1ml per 6.5kg?


  • YES

    All are at safe levels using the above weight dosage.

    Thank you
    Robert Horkings COO APAC

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