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How is my Zinzino Balance Test analyzed?

Your test is analyzed by an independent and GMP-certified laboratory.
The fact that Vitas is GMP-certified means that they follow good manufacturing practices. They are a contract laboratory for chemical analysis with 25 years of experience, providing high-quality chromatographic analysis based on cutting-edge knowledge and technology.

Included with the blood test is a BalanceTest ID that only you can see. Neither the lab, nor Zinzino knows who submitted the test. At your results will be displayed when you enter your BalanceTest ID.

If you have completed the questionnaire, you will have access to the complete analysis. If you have not completed the questionnaire, you will see your balance score only.



  • Problem with getting blood drop to filter 2 circle test..had to top the blood to the circle. Will that work ok? Only other option would be to do test on day of a doctor blood test.
    Seo OCathain
  • The Zinzino BalanceTest is a simple and effective way to track your health and nutritional needs based on your current Omega-6:3 ratio. The test measures 11 fatty acids in the blood including your essential Omega-3 levels and provides you with six different health markers based on your Omega-6:3 reading. The Omega-3 test only takes a few minutes to perform and your results are ready within up to three weeks. Apart from vital insights into the Omega-6:3 balance in your diet, the report also reveals your body’s Omega-3 index, protection value, cell membrane fluidity and mental strength.

    You may use your test results as a reference point in your health journey to rebalance your body with tailored, high-quality Omega food supplements such as BalanceOil+ with 18 EFSA-approved health benefits that contribute to normal brain, heart, and immune system function. The test also includes detailed, individual recommendations on how to achieve a balanced lifestyle through diet and exercise. You will be advised to re-test every four months to compare your before and after status, monitor your progress and see for yourself that the BalanceOil+ has had an effect in your body. 500 million people are taking Omega-3 supplements today and 97% of the people who take the BalanceTest discover that their essential fatty acid levels are out of balance until they start using or switch to BalanceOil+. Zinzino’s database of fatty acid dried blood spot samples is the world’s largest of its kind.

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