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The pioneers of test-based nutrition take supplements into the future with new product

With its latest product launch, the global health and wellness brand from Scandinavia is taking a leap in its aspiration to shape the future of nutrition. Intended to serve as a selective measure complementing daily supplementation, ZinoGene+ offers game-changing results for aging bodies by flushing out old cells and creating a virtual spring clean inside the body.

ZinoGene+ is the very latest addition to the Zinzino range of test-based, scientifically proven natural supplements. It features a proprietary blend of exclusive, rigorously sourced ingredients based on a complex, cutting-edge formulation. High-end fucoidans; a natural polysaccharide from seaweed, curcumin from turmeric, polyphenols, vitamin C and zinc, all naturally sourced, come together to support DNA synthesis, cell division and protect cells in the body from oxidative stress on so far unparalleled levels.

- We have been at the forefront of science and nature for a decade when it comes to offering cutting-edge food supplementation to the modern diet, explains Dag Bergheim Pettersen, Zinzino CEO. This product is a true scientific breakthrough for us and our very first in the range specifically targeted to support our aging bodies. I believe we have created a unique, formulation that is unprecedented on the market today and it takes the concept of supplements into the future.

Creating a virtual spring clean inside the body

CEO Dag Bergheim concludes that the researchers, scientists and product developers at Zinzino have done a massive job in finding a natural alternative to combat the obsolete cells that contribute to the ageing of our bodies. The accumulation of dysfunctional cells and decline in regeneration are inherent parts of the ageing process and the rate at which it takes place is affected by the content of nutrition in our food. By flushing out old ineffective cells that build up as we grow older, ZinoGene+ serves the same purpose inside the body as a deep clean of our house. The overall effect is like a spring clean for your body.

ZinoGene+ is available for order now. Learn more about the entire Zinzino product range and how to order at zinzino.com


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